Holidays in Cozumel

Just outside Playa del Carmen is Mexico’s largest island, Cozumel. You can go out to Cozumel with a catamaran from Playa del Carmen and from the beach in Playa del Carmen you can even see the many cruise ships that make Cozumel one of their ports of call.  The city of San Miguel, where the catamaran will take you is about the size of Playa del Carmen. It’s very nice to go and stroll around the city. One highlight is the Cozumel carnival held in February.

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Cozumel Tourist Information

Cozumel IslandCozumel is famous for its long sandy beaches and turquoise water – an ideal holiday island. But the island has become famous primarily for it’s excellent dive sites. Around the island there are around forty different reefs. The second longest coral reef in the world – the Coralino Arrecife Maya – and the crystal clear water with a visibility of up to 50 metres to the shores of this island makes it one of the “most wanted” diving destinations in the world. In addition to the crystal clear waters of the ocean, there are underground rivers and cave systems that are accessible to experienced divers. Other water sports including deep sea fishing, sailing, water skiing and snorkeling are also available on Cozumel.

In addition to the various sports, The island of Cozumel also offers many cultural attractions. The island was once a place of pilgrimage of the Maya. At San Gervasio and Castillo Real, on the north of the island there are Mayan temples to visit.  The temple of San Gervasio is the best preserved Mayan ruins on the island. The archaeological site is located just minutes from San Miguel, the main town of Cozumel. San Gervasio was once a shrine of the fertility goddess Ixchel. The temple complex consists of four major San Gervasio ruins. Further archaeological artefacts of Mayan culture are located in the Regional Museum, Museo de Isla de Cozumel, San Miguel. An important part of the museum is dedicated to underwater archeology.

In the south of Cozumel lies the natural park Parque Punta Sur. Located here by the lighthouse, the Faro de Celarain, which offers the visitor a fantastic view of the island. Also to be found here is El Caracol, a former lighthouse, which was probably built by the Maya. Different symbols and signs indicate that the Maya possessed important knowledge about sea voyage.

In the southwest of Cozumel lies the natural park Parque Chankanaab. Here is one of the most beautiful lagoons in the island with a stunning coral reef. The reef is full of exotic coral, tropical fish and colorful sponges. Over 350 plant species are at home here.  In addition to diving and snorkeling, visitors can swim with dolphins here, or watch sea lions.

The cruise tourism in Cozumel is very important with thousands of ships and millions of cruise passengers visiting each year.